Why I Do Whole 30s, and Why You Should Too

December 29, 2014

Eat Whole30

Do you want to lose weight? Do you get frequent headaches? Digestive issues? Acne or other skin conditions? Need that afternoon nap everyday? Have an autoimmune disease? High blood pressure or cholesterol? Can’t get rid of that bloated feeling? Allergies? Diabetes?

If you’re anything like me, you said yes to at least one of those. That’s why I’d like to talk about the Whole 30 program by Whole 9.

Do the Whole 30

The concept is simple: No sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol, or additives for 30 days. But you DO get to eat meat, fruit and veggies, eggs, seafood, and lots of yummy (healthy) fat. Read the rules here. (And, if you are like me, you’ll want to know why you can’t eat grains and dairy. So read all about that here. Or grab the book It Starts with Food.)

The first time I did a Whole 30, my weight-loss efforts had plateaued, and I was looking for something to kick-start it back up and lose the last 15 pounds. I had successfully lost 35 pounds by counting calories and working out daily, but my weight hadn’t moved in the last year. By completing a Whole 30 and regularly eating a Paleo diet, I was able to lose the last 15 pounds–and I’ve kept it off.

The second time I completed a Whole 30, my body was being devastated by endometriosis, and I was looking for relief.

Kevin and I have been trying to eat a Paleo died for about a year now. And for the last 5 months, we’ve eaten a regular Paleo diet (with some exceptions). During this time, my two Whole 30s have taught me that I have an unhealthy emotional attachment to sugar and processed grains. That grains do a horrible number on my digestive tract. That dairy makes my stomach hurt. Sugar goes straight to my head and gives me a headache. And that peanut butter is not my friend. I have learned that my body craves leafy greens and a juicy piece of meat just like my dehydrated body craves water. And that a good amount of fat (I’m looking at you, guacamole!) does miracles for my body. And when I get what my body craves, my energy level goes through the roof.


I’ve been battling the effects of endometriosis for probably 15 years now. Besides what you would typically imagine endometriosis to cause, I was dealing with a number of digestive issues. You see, I had an impressively deep pocket of endo in my pelvic lining near my bowels. I believe this made for some very angry bowels, resulting in constant daily pain in my lower right and often left abdomen. That, and I’ve been chronically constipated since Thanksgiving of 2012. Nbd. Just kidding. This is a big honking deal. So when Whole 30 came into my life and I finally had some relief, it was HUGE.

It wasn’t until I had surgery to remove the endo and after I recovered for a couple of months that I started to see the huge affects that food had on me. With a Paleo diet, I can now control my digestive issues, my pain levels, my constipation issues, and my bladder issues (yep, I deal with that too). While I’m not 100% better, I believe that good food and time will make all the difference.

So after eating a bit too much junk during the holiday season and feeling a bit too crappy, I need a re-boot. And this is where Whole 30 comes in.


So join me! Every day starting in January, I’ll be posting what I’m eating and sharing some tips along the way! So be on the lookout for lots of preparation and food ideas. Kevin and I won’t be starting until January 5th, so if you’d like to join along, you have some time to prepare!

As the Whole 9 creators like to say: “It changed our lives, and we want it to change yours too.”


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