Whole 30 Prep Talk

January 5, 2015

Whole 30 Prep Talk

So, hopefully some of you are considering doing a Whole 30 sometime soon! Probably most of my readers did not start one on the 1st like a lot of people around the internet did. I didn’t either. The plan was to start today, but when Kevin and I realized that would mean another Whole 30 Super Bowl, we started it on the 2nd (yikes – kale chips did not cut it last year). And that meant we weren’t very prepared and our meals were very sad for a couple of days. But don’t let that happen to you!

For anyone new to the Whole 30 or any sort of detox program, I suggest that you start on a Monday. And spend the weekend preparing. Because all good things start on a Monday, right?!

In that spirit, I thought I’d share some ideas that have worked for me:

Before doing my first Whole 30, I spent weeks looking over the Whole 30 website, getting as much information as I could. Knowledge and preparation are key to Whole 30 success. Sure, it takes dedication–but you really need to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Print out and keep the following downloadable guides close at hand.

The Program Rules

Meal Planning Template

Shopping List

While you’re at it, check out all the Whole 30 downloadable guides.

Read and re-read the 8 Steps the Whole 30 website lays out for newbies.

Plan out your first week of Whole 30 compliant meals. (The over-planner in me wanted to plan out 30 days of meals. Don’t do that. You’ll learn things about what works and what doesn’t during that first week).

Start reading Paleo cooking blogs (my favorites include Nom Nom Paleo, The Clothes Make The Girl, and PaleOMG) and maybe even pick up a few Paleo cook books. Just remember that there is no making Paleo-fied goodies on a Whole 30. So Paleo Chocolate Chip cookies are off limits. Save them for day 31.

Do a big meal prep afternoon on the Sunday before you start. Yesterday, I cooked a bunch of sweet potatoes to have on hand for lunches. I chopped up cauliflower, carrots, red peppers, and cucumbers for lunches and snacks. I grated potatoes for Kevin’s morning hash browns. And I made a big veggie stir fry to eat with our breakfasts. I also often like to make a crock pot chicken for the week. And if you are the really busy sort, you can brown up ground beef and cook veggies for instant meals.

Later today I’ll be sharing meal ideas for days 1-3!


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