Whole 30 Meals Days 8-11

January 13, 2015

Gotta play a little catch up!

Day 8 looked like this:

Breakfast was the usual eggs, veggies and blackberries. With some black tea. Forgot to snap a picture. That’s probably ok, since this meal is getting a bit old.

Lunch was a salad from Whole Foods. I like to pile my WF salads with beets, since I don’t get that very often in the wild.

Day 8 Lunch

After Kevin working late and two hours at the gym, dinner would have been really late if I made something so Chipotle made an appearance! You can’t really see it under the lettuce, but that guac hit the spot!

Day 8 Dinner

Day 9

We like bacon on the weekends. So Saturday was bacon and fried eggs. With carrots and tea. I’m beginning to get REALLY lazy with my breakfast veggies.

Day 9 Breakfast

Lunch was grilled chicken with some peppers, onions and garlic. Banana on the side. Sorry about the blurry picture!

Day 9 Lunch

Dinner was more chicken and veggies. Artichokes this time. Recipe here.

Day 9 Dinner

Day 10

Breakfast with sweet potato hash with spinach topped fried egg and bacon.

Day 10 Breakfast

Lunch was leftover baked chicken with spinach and artichokes.

Day 10 Lunch

Dinner was a sad looking, yet tasty, beef patty with zucchini and potato wedges.

Day 10 Dinner

Day 11

Breakfast starred salmon I baked in the oven with pepper and paprika. With banana, carrots, and potato hash.

Breakfast Day 11

And this is where I start failing at picture taking again.

Lunch was part deux of Whole Foods salad. I topped it with grilled chicken once I got home.

And dinner was a WFs rotisserie chicken. Be very careful when selecting your rotisserie chicken, because only a couple are Whole30 compliant. I served this with green beans and sweet potatoes.

Food’s getting a bit boring around here, so I have some meals planned for this week that will hopefully spice things up a bit!


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