Whole 30 Meals Day 5

January 7, 2015

Whole 30 Day 5

The Whole 30 is going great so far. I’ve lost my too-much-junk-food-and-bloated feeling I got after all the holiday munching. My digestive system is on track to normalize. And I’m feeling hungry when I wake up in the morning (I normally wake up with a stomach ache and have to wait an hour or so before I can eat).

Kevin and I have noticed we’ve been a bit hungry since starting. So we may try to up our protein and fat intake. It’s been a Whole 30 pattern for me that I start out being hungry for the first week, but my body gets used to it after a week or so and my meals end up being plenty satiating.

On to the food!

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs with salmon and salsa plus some cooked spinach on the side. I cooked up the black hash browns (we keep it real at Domestically Made. This is true life). They tasted fine, they were just black. I’ve never frozen potatoes before, so this was a learning experience for me. I’ve since done a lot of potato prep research online and may do things differently next time.

Day 5 Breakfast

Lunch was leftover meatloaf and broccoli with sweet potato. Pistachio nuts on the side. My fave!

Day 5 Lunch

Dinner was delightful! I turned these Paleo Tacos with red cabbage and mango slaw into a salad. Kevin’s not really into pretending that a lettuce leaf is a taco shell. But he gets excited about taco salad! I topped it off with a half an avocado each.

Day 5 Dinner

It’s burrrrrry cold and stupid windy here in Tulsa this afternoon. I’m staying in and bundling up with the pup to do some afternoon reading!

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