Vinyl Utensil Crock Dress Up

September 8 , 2013

Vinyl Dress Up

Hello my blog world friends! It’s good to be back! September is upon us, and that means that Kevin is back in school. Which also means that I get to use the computer less. You see, we are a one-computer household, and our laptop is very solidly a law school tool. I typically use my iPad for most of my internet needs, but picture editing and blogging are just so much easier on a laptop. So as the semester amps up, we’ll see what that means for this blog.

Anyway, back to the important stuff. I’ve had this particular project on my to do list for MONTHS! My sad little white utensil crock has been in need of a little colorful love for a long time. And this week it finally got it!

Enter: my lovely Silhouette Cameo. I recently made us of a two for one adhesive vinyl coupon and bought some beautiful teal and dark red vinyl. I have some plans for fancying up my teal, red and brown kitchen, and this vinyl will be of great help.

To start, I got into my Silhouette Studio software, found a pretty damask image and went to town designing! My design is simple. I just copied the damask image a couple of times and used the grid lines to make a pretty damask row that will wrap around my utensil crock.

Vinyl Dress Up

Once I had my design in place, I got busy cutting. Er, rather, my Silhouette did.

Vinyl Dress Up

After cutting was complete, I took my scissors and cut the strip of vinyl that had my design on it. And I peeled the negative image off. No weeding required with this design. I plan to use this negative image for other projects. So, stay tuned!

Vinyl Dress Up

Now, I try to craft on the cheap whenever possible, so for this next step I used contact paper rather than transfer paper. I just picked up a roll from Walmart. The thing to be aware of, though, is that contact paper is a bit stickier. So you will want to give it a good rub on your shirt or the carpet so that it will lose some of its sticky before placing it on your image.

Place the contact paper over your image and give it a good rub with a card to make sure the design is going to stick. I used my library card. Whatever works.

Vinyl Dress Up

Now, peel off the contact paper (your design should now be stuck to the contact paper) and transfer it to your project. Again, I used my library card to rub the image down and make sure that all the little pieces will stick to the crock.

Vinyl Dress Up

Peel back the contact paper, and viola! All done! I am now the proud owner of this pretty little utensil crock!

Vinyl Dress Up

The Silhouette makes fabulous results possible with minimal effort. This project took me less than 30 minutes. Time well spent, I’d say.

Vinyl Dress Up

And now it sits prettying up my kitchen counter.

Vinyl Dress Up

Sigh. Love.


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