Personalized Manly Aprons

June 19, 2013

Personalized Aprons

I’ve been dying to try out heat transfer vinyl on my Silhouette Cameo.  My Cameo was a gift my sweet husband, Kevin, gave to me a few months ago, and I had only used it to cut fabric. Let me tell you, cutting fabric is not where it’s at. Heat transfer vinyl is! This stuff is so, so cool! And so easy to personalize, basically anything you can iron.

My brother was turning 30 (today, in fact! Happy Birthday B!) and Father’s Day was coming up in less than a week, so I needed a semi hand-made gift that I could turn around quickly. I had no heat transfer vinyl, so I needed to order some using my Amazon Prime so I could be guaranteed a quick delivery. This limited my choices, so I ended up purchasing the Silhouette Heat Transfer Starter Kit. At $36.18 on Amazon, this kit is a little pricey, but if you want to start vinyl-ing every piece of clothing you own the second this package arrives, this starter kit will get you going.

The starter kit comes with 5 pieces of heat transfer, a Silhouette Hook (which is absolutely essential when “weeding” your cut out), access to 10 free heat transfer designs (they are all pretty useful designs) and a how-to booklet and DVD. I didn’t look at the DVD, but the idea booklet proved to be pretty useful.

But on to the good stuff.

B has been working on his grilling skills, so I found this grill image on the Silhouette store that seemed perfect for the occasion. Then I downloaded a “western” front from, and printing it all out of my Cameo.

DIY Personalized Aprons

Dad has some pretty good cooking skills, and making your own pasta can get pretty messy (you all should be looking forward to a homemade pasta tutorial from my mom and dad’s kitchen next month!), so it was a kitchen apron for him. I used one of the free heat transfer images that came with my kit and another “western” font from

King of the Kitchen

The guys with their personalized, manly aprons!

DIY Personalized Manly Aprons

Since this was my first time using the stuff, I am certainly no expert. But, I do have one tip. Iron on the vinyl as directed for 45-60 seconds. But then let that thing cool for a minute or two. It gets really, really hot from the iron, and when you give it a chance to cool before peeling the backing off, it allows the vinyl to adhere to your fabric. It makes peeling the backing off, so, so much easier. It took me a few trial and errors before I got the hang of that.

This was a really fun and easy project with fabulous results! I am now in love with heat transfer vinyl!

Any other tips out there for heat transfer newbies like myself?

Disclosure: this post contains Amazon affiliate links.


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