Organizing Paper Clutter

December 9, 2014

Organizing Paper Clutter

So it’s been a fast month! Time flies when life is good! I’ve been doing a lot of crafting that I hope to share with you soon!

This particular project has been in the works for months! And I finally had a chance to sit down and finish it. It resembles, what some would call, a “command center.” I’m not really keen on that phrase. It’s overused. I’m just corralling some paper here.

I try relentlessly to keep our paper intake to a minimum. But with all the medical bills streaming in, I realized I needed a little something extra to keep things organized.

I picked up a couple of plain clipboards from Target and stuck them in a gold file holder. I used some vinyl and my Silhouette to label them. “Pending” is for bills and other things I need to take action on, and “To File” is for things I want to keep but I don’t want to file them away in my file cabinet just yet. These are the two categories that seemed to be piling up on the counter, and so far, this is working for us.


I bought a package of plain cork boards and wrapped them in fabric and nailed them to the wall. This is where I like to keep things is sight so I remember them, like invitations, our library card, or gift cards.

On a microwave cart

I wrapped some clothespins with washi tape and pinned them to the side of the cord board. Now the important stuff doesn’t get holes.

Washi Clothes Pin

We keep receipts because I like to keep a close watch on our daily expenditures. I enter them into my You Need A Budget app without taking the receipt when I can remember to, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. Plus, this is a great place for Kevin to give me his receipts!

This simple little bucket has been the BEST thing about this whole project! This was in the dollar bin at Target and I added “receipts” with vinyl.

Receipts bucket

Next, I spray painted things gold.

I got this pen holder at work for being a team player. It used to be all colorful and inspirational and said something like “Go Team Go!” I spray painted it gold and added the family seal to the front.

Pen holder

This basket used to be a bright shade of blue, so I also spray painted this gold too. It serves as a great place for Kevin to put his keys and wallet, so he never (well, almost never) forgets where he puts them.

Lots of Gold

This all sits on a microwave cart, that I’m obviously not using for a microwave. In its top drawer, I store a few extra things.


I made a couple of boxes out of scrapbook paper using this tutorial. I house the few coupons I keep in this box.

Paper box

I cut some old Harry and David gift boxes down to make these. What used to have chocolate and nuts now has pens, scissors and bag clips! Re-purposing is so much fun!

Repurposed gift boxes

I also keep rubber bands, a spare set of shades, and a lighter in here as well. Just the essentials.

Organized Drawer

And there you have it! A little simple organization done on the cheap! I don’t think I spent more than $20-30 on this, but it works for us and makes me happy to look at it. And that’s what matters.

Until next time… which hopefully won’t be a month from now 🙂


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