Mother’s Day at the K

May 24, 2013

Mother's Day Barbecue

Since I last posted about the table runner that I made my mom for Mother’s Day, I thought I’d share with you how my family spent the day celebrating my mom!

We’ve done it before and we will do it again: Mother’s day at the K! Since everyone in my family is a Royals fan, (well, I’m mostly a fan of baseball stadium food, rather than the game itself. Later this summer, I get to go to Diamond of Dreams, which is basically eating great Kansas City food right on the baseball diamond. I’m pretty psyched) spending an afternoon as Kauffman is a great time for all. And of course we tailgated before the game, with some great Kansas City barbecue. Because what says Mother’s Day better than eating food in a parking lot by your car?

My parents had picked up some brisket from Oklahoma Joe’s the day before. They reheated it and served it up on rolls. Super yum.

Mother's day barbecue

My mom made her famous homemade baked beans!

Mother's Day Barbecue

And I sliced up some strawberries and added some juice and zest from a lemon. These were the sweetest, most delicious strawberries I have ever had.

Mother's Day Barbecue

We served all this up with some kettle chips. All in all, delicious.

Mother's Day Barbecue

Kevin, Mom, Dad and B&L, getting ready to eat.

Mother's Day Barbecue

Mother's Day Barbecue

B chows down. This food demanded to be chowed down.

Mother's Day Barbecue

After a bit, we pulled out dessert. I had made Take 5 cookie bars (recipe slightly adapted from Tessa at Handle the Heat). These bars were oh so tasty with pretzels, peanut butter, chocolate chips and Rolos. Just like a Take 5 bar.

Mother's Day Barbecue

After all that tailgating, we were ready for the game! I made this headband specially for the occasion!

Mother's day Barbecue

The Royals didn’t end up winning the game, but altogether it was a lovely afternoon with great food and the best family. And that’s all that matters, right?


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