How To: Easy Envelope Pillow Cover

February 19, 2015

How to

I’ve been doing a little re-decorating after we moved. New space needed some new colors. Plus I was getting really tired of the old color scheme.

And in an effort to protect my circadian rhythm, I re-did all of my bedding. I wasn’t sleeping very well, so I got new sheets, pillow and duvet cover. Freshening things up in the bedroom was one thing that helped me get 8-9 hours of good sleep every night.

But in order to keep the costs at bay, I pulled out my old friend, the easy DIY envelope pillow case. I bought some cheap pillows from Goodwill and some fabric from Jo-Anns (with a coupon) and went to town making pillow covers.

I’ve experimented with several different pillow cover techniques (throw pillows are my favorite way to decorate and personalize my home), and this seems the easiest and quickest way.

Have some ugly pillows lying around that you’d like to put to use?

From Blah to Wow

Here’s how:

A few easy steps

First, measure your pillow. And then add 1/2″ to both sides. My pillow was 17 1/2 X 17 1/2″ so I cut my first piece to be 18 X 18″. For the back panels, I divided 18 by 2 and added three inches (18/2 = 9 +3 =12. So I cut two pieces to be 12 X 18″.

Three Pieces

Next, take each side panel and pin a double fold in place along the long (18″) end. You do this so your envelope back does’t have a raw edge. I fold the edge once about 1/4″:

Fold Edge Once

And then fold it in again:

Double fold seam

I place the pins in as I go along.

Pin it up

I don’t press the seam, because I want this to be quick. I just sew right down the middle, removing the pins as I go.

Sew up the sides

Next, place your front, big 18 X 18″ piece right-side up. And place the first back panel right on top, right sides together, with the corners matching up. Do the same with the second back piece, so that the two back pieces overlap, like this:

Stack up the pieces

Next, pin the three pieces together with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Pin and Sew

And trim off all four corners.

Trim the corners

Fold it right-side out and stuff your pillow into it. And that’s it!

Stacked pillows

Now do 4 more. And you have a lovely array of pillows on your bed.

Finished pillow

Franklin wanted to participate in the photo shoot. I can’t do anything without this boy wanting to be involved.

Just a dog

Happy sewing!


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