Evening Out at Diamond of Dreams (Lots of Yummy Food)

June 27, 2013

Diamond of Dreams

Kevin and I got to go to Diamond of Dreams at Kauffman Stadium last Thursday night. This is a fundraiser that the Royals host to benefit the University of Kansas Hospital, so tickets aren’t cheap. But luckily, this was a fun little firm outing that we got to enjoy for free! Basically, the Diamond club at Kauffman and the field are opened up for chatting, exploring, eating and merriment. Local restaurants bring lots of Kansas City goodies to share, and you walk around the infield trying out all the food. You can then roam the outfield, listen to the live band, and help yourself to seconds or thirds J

Several of the Boys in Blue were even there to provide a little frantic excitement. It was kinda neat seeing these guys walk around in their street clothes. Kevin chatted briefly with Billy Butler, talking with him about his rough time at bat lately. It’s tough out there Billy, but we like your effort. We later posed for a picture with him, although he didn’t seem too excited about being photographed. If I ever get that picture, I’ll update this post. Billy is actually my favorite player. But because I’m not that into baseball, I wasn’t too excited to meet him. I like Billy because we have a lot in common. I’m a bit of a slow runner, and wouldn’t be able to make it to first base either. But darn it, I like that hustle! And we both like food J

Alex Gordon and Mike Moustakas were pretty much surrounded by fans. Poor guys didn’t get to eat as much as Billy did (to be fair, I didn’t actually see Billy eating anything).

Kevin was excited to see Tim Collins, so that he could confirm that this guy was indeed shorter than Kevin’s 5’ 9” height.

And it was really fun to see Luis Mendoza and Bruce Chen. These two had invited their parents (and maybe even grandparents), and it was really cool watching them really enjoy interacting with their families.

But enough about all that, let’s get on to the food:

Lidia’s and Capital Grill had started off the evening with yummy eats. Although, this all started earlier for VIP guests and the food was pretty much all gone by the time we arrived. We did snag some amazingly good Montasio Cheese Frico from Lidia’s. I might try making this myself sometime.

We then made our way down to the field, where tents were set up for the various restaurants.

First up, Braised Short Rib Tacos from Season’s 52. The taco was flavorful and the meat, tender. Great start!

Diamond of Dreams

Then came these goodies: Crispy Mac n Cheese Gushers (Liquid Parmesan Injection (literal injection, people) topped with Chipotle Raspberry Compote), Kansas City Candy (Burnt Ends with Candy Shell and shredded jalapeno) and Ball Park Bon Bons (Hand Cranked Buttered Rum Popcorn Ice Cream with burnt sugar and dark chocolate toppings). I was too busy stuffing my face with these amazing creations that I forgot to get pictures! And get this…this was all from…Aramark!

Next was Mediterranean Spaghetti-O Pasta Salad with Roasted Fennel Vinaigrette from Cafe Verona. This was just ok. I thought the pasta texture was a bit weird.

Diamond of Dreams

Here we have Seared Ahi Tuna on Cucumber on the left and Tenderloin Carpaccio on the right, from Ruth’s Chris Steak House. This made its way onto Twitter as “Tuna and…uncooked meat. I was grasping for the right words but came up kind of empty. Carpaccio was the word I was looking for, who knew? The carpaccio was one of my favorites from the night.

Diamond of Dreams

This amazing bad and delicious boy is from Blanc Burgers + Bottles. No Bottles here though, which was too bad. At top is a Mixed Greens Salad with Fresh Vegetable Balsamic, Bleu Cheese, Red onion, and Candied Walnuts. Oh, those candied walnuts. Hop on top of my salad any time! Below is a American Kobe Slider with Apple Bacon IPA Jam, Roasted Garlic Aioli and Watercress.

Diamond of Dreams

And for dessert, cupcakes from Cupcake a la Mode! Kevin had a French Vanilla OHH Lahlah and I went with the Chocolate Obsession, cause ya know, I’m obsessed. I went back for seconds to try the Key Lime Pie, but sadly, they were out.

Diamond of Dreams

After eating our fill, we took off to explore! First, we went out to the outfield and marveled at how big of a space the outfielders have to cover (let’s be honest, that wasn’t my observation, I just thought the grass was pretty and felt nice on my toes). Kevin had to see if he could jump high enough to save a home run. He did quite a bit of jumping and pretending to catch potential, imaginary home runs.

Diamond of Dreams

Kevin enjoyed being on this side of the Party Porch.

Diamond of Dreams

We checked out the bullpen (again, more imaginary baseball happening here) and sat on the bench in the dugout.

Diamond of Dreams

There were fireworks to end the night, although Kevin and I didn’t stick around for that, we had cooler parties to attend. Ok, not really, we just got tired. Lame, I know.

Diamond of Dreams

Overall, a really fun night! I really recommend doing this if you ever get the chance. For free, if possible.


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