Dreidel Makeover with Vinyl Stencils

December 15, 2014

Traditions are a changin’. Life happens and sometimes you need to go with the flow. And then dump a little glitter in the flow.

This year, my parents have decided to celebrate Hanukkah instead of Christmas. Changing things up a bit. And because decorations are my favorite part of this time of year (that and cookies and carols and buying gifts and wrapping gifts), I thought I’d help my mom out and make a couple of things to help decorate her home.

Enter the dreidel:

Dreidel Makeover

Mom plans to put these out on the dining room table during our last night of Hanukkah/Christmas Eve dinner. She bought a couple of packages of dreidels at Bed Bath and Beyond. They looked like this:

Colorful Dreidels Before

I said, “No, Mom. That won’t do!” And so I took them home and turned them into this:

Classy Dreidels After

Much better, I think.

I scoured the internet for the best Hebrew font (“best” measured by how easily I could craft with it) and found this one. I then used this handy dreidel game guide to figure out exactly which characters I needed to use. No small task.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.12.14 PM

And I cut out my stencils using my Silhouette!

Vinyl Stencils

The Silhouette handled these tiny Hebrew characters like a pro.

I spray painted the dreidels silver. It took some holiday patience to let the first side dry before flipping the dreidels over to apply more paint. I didn’t have that patience for the first batch and they turned out a bit more gloopy.

But only the prettiest ones for the camera.

All four dreidel sides

I took my vinyl stencils and carefully painted the characters on in black. I used craft paint, so each side dried quickly. No patience necessary there.

Silver dreidels

I loved the way they turned out and think they’ll look pretty classy on the dinner table!

Pair of dreidels

I had previously made this “Happy Hanukkah” burlap bunting for my mom’s birthday. I used a similar stencil method to make these.


And if you are interested in some more fun Hanukkah decor, check out my Hanukkah Inspirations favorites on Etsy!


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