DIY Fridge Coaster®

May 29, 2013

I realize that every blogger and her mother has blogged about homemade fridge coasters, and that this thing as gone viral on Pinterest some time ago. But hey, I did it too, and I wanted to share!

DIY Fridge Coasters

Fridge Coaster®s look kinda awesome. They are colorful and have super trendy designs, not to mention, they are easy to clean and actually absorb spills. But, for some, they may be on the pricey side. At $25.00 $14.00, a fridge pack isn’t going to cover my whole refrigerator. That means that I could be spending $50.00 $28.00.

Update: There have been some changes over at Fridge Coaster®. Check them out! You can purchase a fridge pack for $14.00. Two would probably cover my fridge. So we are now talking $28.00. Not bad. Definitely could be worth the splurge. But paying for something pricey like law school, as I was? Read on!

Source: A Bowl Full of Lemons
Source: A Bowl Full of Lemons

I’m a renter. I don’t own my own refrigerator. So I’m not going to spend $50.00 $28.00 to pretty up my refrigerator only to find it doesn’t fit into my new refrigerator a year later when I move out. This type of product is great for those of you with their forever dream refrigerator. I mean, I have Fridge Coaster®s pinned to “My Future Home” pin board. But for now, I’ll make my own.

Here’s what I started with:

DIY Fridge Coaster

DIY Fridge Coaster

Not too bad, right?

But after a short trip to Target, 4 place mats, 8 dollars, and 30 minutes cutting up the placemats later….BAM! You get this prettiness!

DIY Fridge Coasters

DIY Fridge Coasters

DIY Fridge Coasters

And they are easy to clean! Just take them out, hose them down, dry them off and slide those suckers right back in. Not too bad for a DIY Fridge Coaster® on the cheap!


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