Being Royal with Pretzels

October 29, 2014

World Series time!

WS Pretzel

Game 7 is tonight and the Simpson household is a buzz! As I type this, Franklin could not be more excited:

Frank getting his excitement on

He’s more of a golf guy, I guess.

It’s been a fun season. Kevin seems to have watched almost every game. Such a time suck. He’s pretty happy that he’s finally getting a pay off this year! We like to make it to the K at least a couple of times a year. We made it just once this year in early August, but it was a fun one!

At the K

So when the Royals made the playoffs this year, I told Kevin “if they make it to the World Series, let’s have a ballpark food at home night!” You see, ballpark food is my favorite part of baseball.

So remember when I said I started eating Paleo? Well, sometimes I don’t. And then I feel bad. I don’t feel guilty anymore, because I made a conscious food choice, but I do feel physically bad. But it was yummers time at the Simpson house and the Royals are in the World Series! Sacrifices had to be made!

On to the food!

Cooling Pretzels

These were delicious and really easy to make! I followed this recipe and made 8 beautiful pretzels. Do yourself a favor and eat one while it’s still warm from the oven.

Royal Pretzel

No pretzel is complete without a little cheese!

Pot O Cheese

I grated a block of cheddar easy and melted it with some Frank’s hot sauce and a can of evaporated milk. Recipe details can be found here.

Pretzel and Cheese

The cheese itself wasn’t mind blowing. But I’ll tell you what it was good on: Nachos!

Nacho Cheese

In a word: Amazing. And super simple. I browned up some ground beef and stirred in some fire roasted tomatoes. I spread some On the Border chips on a plate and topped them with the beef mixture, the cheese and nice big globs of sour cream and homemade guac. And some jalapeños.

I served all this with chicken sausages on a pretzel buns with lot of mustard! It was a ballpark feast!

Ballpark Feast

We’ll be having a less traditional bun-less hamburger for Game 7, but we’re hoping that a healthier meal will bring our Royals a better result than our feast in Game 1 did!


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